Airplane Missile Escape

Airplane Missile Escape is not just a simple flying game, you need to destroy different missiles. They are coming toward you and destroying you at any moment. Try to complete this game at Can you score the highest score? This incredible plane game will let you fly a fighter plane over the brilliant blue sea. You have a few minutes to master the controls, it's very simple to learn, and then the action begins! You will be chased by rockets. Shoot them to complete the missions in the best way. Don't be discouraged if you lose. Learn different skills and complete missions in this war.

We help players enjoy many new journeys in their spare time. The plane could explode at any moment. Stay away from the rockets in different locations if you want to stay alive. The planes are ready for the battle in the sky. Collect rewards to explode rockets and stay alive. This game tip will come in handy in your new journey. Discover the list of the latest fighting games today. With each game theme, players have the opportunity to participate and enjoy. Share this game with your friends for unexpected wins. You also have online tips to complete every challenge. Missiles appear everywhere. They will attack and destroy you. Move through different directions to avoid that attack.

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Who created Airplane Missile Escape?

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD to fly the plane.