Zombs Royale.io

Zombs Royale io is a PUBG-like or Fortnite io version of popular Zombs io. You enter the battle and fight till the last player stays alive. 100 Player 2D Real-Time Battle Royale! A real zombie royale io battle!

How to play

The main goal of Zombs Royale io is to stay alive in this mortal combat. At the beginning you drop out. Click to choose a location. First of all find a box and open it for weapons. Pick up weapon with E key. Also you can find chests and open them.

Zombs Royale io is PUBG-like death combat io game till the last player. A lot of weapons and stuff, strong opponents and really tough opponents! Play online: http://abcya-3.com/



Instruction to play:

Use Arrows or WASD to move, Mouse for aim or shoot, E to pick up an object and use doors.