Tenkyu Online Is one of Abcya Games' 3D action games. The goal is to roll the ball to the flag. Tilt the platform to get the ball rolling but be careful because it's game over when the ball falls. Delicately maneuver through stages, or meet your death! 

In Tenkyu you'll find there is an unlimited number of levels. That means that as you go, each level gets progressively harder and harder. For example, starting out, you ball won't stray very far from where you're guiding it, but as you progress, it'll get increasingly harder to aim correctly and if you're not careful that little ball that seemed to follow your every command, will roll right off the maze and onto the ground. 

Tenkyu is a fun arcade game that has perfect system controls, designed for touchscreens and with some very decent graphics. As you play you'll unlock new balls to play with. The game's only real vice is that it's chocked full of random ads, just like any other VOODOO game, which makes for a somewhat spammy experience overall.

Surely this will be the most beloved game on the sea theme and beautiful costumes around the world. You no longer have to spend a lot of time exploring games like other websites. Let's start our exciting journey in this game and other games like Aground and Swords and Souls. In addition, you can look forward to more exciting new games at http://abcya-3.com

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play