Paper Fighter 3D

Experience the special battles that the ABCya 3 fight game introduces to players in the 3D game version. Paper Fighter 3D brings the experience in the paper-man version. If you are looking for a 3D fighting game version, we recommend this game for you. The martial artists are ready to show their fighting ability in this game. Each match consists of 3 rounds and whoever hits two rounds wins the match. Use your punches and kicks at the right time, special attack will be ready when your energy bar is full. Use game tips in each fight and share how to play with your friends.

They are ready to join our gaming world. The new ways of playing help you relax after every hour of intense study. Choose from easy to difficult battles. This journey becomes a journey of conquest. Take the choice to fight your PC or friends in 2-player mode. Offer the best of both worlds and our wide selection of new games. Many heroes have won and topped the player rankings. You can lose any match. However, players can use their online game skills and complete countless games in their spare time.

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Who developer game?

Paper Fighter 3D was developed by RHM Interactive. Play their other game on Zombie Mission 11

Instruction to play:

How to play: Player 1: WASD to move, F to punch, G to kick, R to special attack. Player 2: arrow keys to move, L to punch, K to kick, O to special attack.