Aground is a superb game of survival. You should experience the game right on the Abcya Games page to feel. 

You are stranded in an uninhabited land and you must try to survive against the elements and the heavy storm that approaches. You must collect resources such as wood and stone and then use this material to construct a shelter. You can also mine underground and forage for berries and food. However, you need to be very careful to avoid the attack.

Watch your stamina bar and do not let it deplete otherwise you will not be able to complete any actions. As you play you will meet other survivors who you can interact with and form alliances with to help you prosper. This promises to be an interesting game, giving you the best experience.

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Instruction to play:

  • WASD or arrow keys to move

  • Z to do action

  • X to cancel

  • I to use item

  • Q to open quest

  • 12 to use 1 and 2