Candy Blocks

The world of Abcya 3 online games is extremely interesting. It's time for you to join Candy Blocks and score the highest score. Share how to play and complete quests with new friends. Play puzzle games with the gameplay you learn to win the game. Match 6 candies in a row in a row and score points. Collect coins and smileys to get a high score. Some candies have only it. Observe the empty positions to move them. So you can create your special play. This fun thing helps you to enjoy the game perfectly. Each horizontal row of candies will give you 100 points. After scoring 500 points, the countdown begins.

The candy shape from the bottom of the screen can be rotated or changed by giving two coins. Any number from the candies presented at the end of the playing field can be rotated and changed by spending coins. You can add money by clicking the "Plus" button. Wish you have a nice time. Complete your new journey at now. Each candy block has a different shape. Overcome the hardest challenge of this game. Share how to move and arrange the candies with friends. Don't overfill the candy box. The game may be over. Enjoy the sweet candies. Where is the correct position of those shapes?

Please make the correct choice for the latest journey you are about to join. Try to win every challenge in our online gaming world. Many players have enjoyed their free time and taken every journey we recommend. Unlock puzzle games similar to Pop It Nums.

Who created Candy Blocks?

Candy Blocks is created by MURAT KYABISHEV. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse button or tap on the screen to drag the candies to new locations and collect them horizontally.