Aqwar IO

Aqwar io is a game Agario dressed in a beautiful suit that you can play here on abcya games free online. Control a deadly fish and participate in a 3D underwater battle! The fishes' natural instinct is going to be tested here in a battle between life and death: eat or get eaten! You'll have to earn as many score points as possible. It won't be easy, since you'll be up against players from around the globe.


In at abcya games unblocked, your fish must eat bubbles with the mass and smaller players. The game differs from Agario, because every fish has its own special abilities. I the end of the game you receive some coins. Then you may buy other kind of fish with more interesting abilities, it will help you to battle with other fishes. 


You can divide your fish into smaller ones. If you eat a prickly fish, your fish will be divided into many tiny fishes. If you direct your fish to the left or to the right, it doesn’t go there immediately. First, the fish turns to the left or to the right, and then it starts moving there. So, if you are passing by a big fish, pay attention at the direction of its head.


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Instruction to play:

How to play?

Use WASD or the mouse to move, Q to use abilities, Space to split.