Grand Hero Gangster Simulator

Learn to drive and explore any terrain in the mountains. You will love the Grand Hero Gangster Simulator game version. We have a variety of driving and fighting games at Try to survive every mission in a gang war. In each mission, there is a calculation time. During that time, you have to complete your quest and show everyone what kind of skills you have. Explore the big city, go over mountain terrain, steal and drive supercars, shoot guns...

Unlock all the dangerous missions that you have never participated in before. Rescue the members from other gangs and become the hero of this supercar war. The police can look for you at any time. Use the new cars and weapons of the surreal 3D game world. Unlock new powerful guns, character choices, and skins to support your gameplay. Many players also love our list of online games. Become the heroes of the new age. Gangs threaten your survival. Overcome new stages during the online journey that we recommend to players.

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Who developer game?

Grand Hero Gangster Simulator was developed by Driving games. Play their other game on Police Car Cop Real Simulator

Instruction to play:

W -Forward, S -Backward, A -Left, D -Right, Space – Jump, Right-Click - Aim, Left Click - Fire, F -Vehicle In/Out, I -Instructions, Esc -Pause, R-Reset Cars