Escape from Blue Monster

Escape from Blue Monster has many levels for players to care about and participate in a journey full of surprises. Discover the new journey you love at The giant green monster can attack and capture you at any time. But you don't want this.

Let's collect food, eat and try to run away. Don't hit the balls, as they will slow you down for a while. You should buy bombs in the store to blow up the balls. Overcome all the obstacles on the way and use the bonuses to stay safe for a while. Food appears on the go. You can enlist them to collect them for your color journey. Fight bravely and conquer the distance before the monsters overtake you.

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Who developer game?

Escape from Blue Monster was developed by Berezka. Play their other game on

Instruction to play:

Mouse (or mobile joystick) - motion. Z - use bombs. X - use the knife of rage.