Mermaids My Valentine Crush

Observe the movement of the main character to make a great decision for the Mermaids My Valentine Crush online journey that ABCya 3 games suggests for players to join. Help the mermaid couple celebrate Valentine's Day. Here, you must defeat a series of traps and difficult situations and reach the end of level 30. Find your way through each difficult mission in the subsequent rounds as you go on this journey. Help our couple find each other on that special day.

Get ready for any challenge we suggest to players. Share your joining skills and game list with new friends. Choose your favorite game theme with different games. Who will participate in this game? Learn basic skills to jump over all obstacles and save the mermaid. Unlock difficult levels and enjoy the new game world at any time. Obstacles appear everywhere. The journey to the princess's position is challenging. This does not hinder your movement during each journey. Observe the movement directions until you locate the mermaid. Legendary characters appear in Valentine's season games.

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Who developer game?

Mermaids My Valentine Crush was developed by BestGameSpot. Play their other game on Impossible Box Rush

Instruction to play:

Left click to jump over the obstacles.