The Smurfs Skate Rush

Come and join the this casual game in the ABCya3 games unblocked. The Smurf Skate Rush is an infinite runner game featuring the humorous blue characters from The Smurfs animated series and movie. Collect berries while avoiding logs, rocks, and automobiles. In Smurf Skate Rush, maneuver your skateboard between lanes. Avoid the tree roots and other obstructions.

In this 3D Smurfs game, jump over gates and onto vehicles and rails to do grinds and other stunts. Use strawberries to unlock new skateboards. You may hunt for unique symbols to unlock more Smurfs characters, like Papa Smurf's red cap, Handy Smurf's pencils, and Hefty Smurf's heart tattoo. Find the magical gateway to progress to the next level in this online Smurfs game. Don't forget to expand your game world with countless new games today like Tiles Hop Ball Master. A new way of playing will help you win this world.

Key Features:

Through the Upgrade menu, you can get new skateboards and characters. Through the Rankings menu, you can get prizes for completing missions and achieving goals.

Who developer game?

The Smurfs Skate Rush was developed by IMPS. Play their other game on The Smurfs Village Cleaning

Instruction to play:

Use the up arrow to skate up the ramps, over the logs, or grind across the rails. Tap the down arrow to duck under the wooden signs and slide under them.