Crafty Miner

Play and have fun in this new action game and adventure based on the Crafty Miner game from ABCya3 Grade. Explore the depths of a forgotten mine in search of the most valuable minerals. In the game Crafty Miner, you may become the richest miner in the world. You're in for an incredible trip in the underworld.

Unlock additional tiers, collect precious and uncommon materials, sell them, and use the proceeds to create a more powerful pickaxe. Sell the materials you discover to develop your character, recruit additional employees, and dig much more quickly. The Crafty Miner game will captivate you with its stunning 3D visuals and mood.

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Who developer game?

Crafty Miner was developed by Andy Games. Play their other game on

Instruction to play:

Move: Drag Joystick - Mine recources - Sell recources - Craft pickaxe.