Uncontrolled: Part 1

Uncontrolled: Part 1 is the adventure game which is playable abcya Games free. Take part in the story as a member of the cat cultist who is one of the last remaining survivors after a brutal battle with the Le Loyon. It is up to you to gather your last bit of strength and fight back whilst following the storyline that is presented to you.

Here at abcya unblocked online games, to become a great warrior, you must train your skills and sharpen your tactics. This first-person battle game will require you to fight against the army of the undead skeletons. Become the master of your weapons and learn special magical skills that will help you rise up and avenge your people. Have fun and good luck!

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Instruction to play:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to walk

Press Ctrl to block

Shift to run

LMB to attack

RMB to skill

F to use

Tab to menu