Round 6: The Game

Play Round 6: The Game is a fun, thrilling action game on Abcya 3 games for free. If you enjoy Squid Games, this will undoubtedly be one of your favorites. It's time to play all of the stages and rounds from the real program once you've completed levels like Red Light, Green Light, and Marble! You'll have 7 rounds to finish in this wonderful game, including Red Light-Green Light, Marble, Glass Tower, Rope Tower, The Big Fight, Honeycomb, and the Squid Game! What are your thoughts on this visually amazing game?

This game allows you to play all of the rounds from the Squid Game in one big game. To play the final round, "Squid Game," you must complete all of the stages.

This fun game consists of both the exploring features and a few action highlights from the other types of games such as Pinatamasters 2 and Mine Shooter, therefore, your experience will be improved! The players of all ages can join in this game thanks to its simple yet exciting nature of gameplay. What are you waiting for? All available on

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse or touchscreen to play. When fighting or running from PC, you can press M for a boost.