Stickmen Vs Zombies

Stickmen Vs Zombies is a defensive game which is playable googy games. There was reported a disaster. Leakage of radioactive waste from a research station. Everybody's going to the sector L because there's something going on. Now there's a bunch of zombies attacking the city, and you have to use strategy to create a strong army to kill them. 


Stickmen are going to the streets! You have arrived at the place with your comando unit, and there is panic everywhere . You can not see anybody around you anywhere. All the scientists run away ... however ... it is impossible to run away so fast! Scientists had to turned into zombies! You have to calm the situation, because your unit is scared. Take the situation in your hands and tell everyone what to do, to stop the former scientists together. 


In this game at abcya school Games for kids, it is kill or be killed, manage your resources efficiently to make sure that you can survive the long haul. You can collect coins and diamonds that the zombies drop as you defeat them to purchase upgrades for your soldiers. 


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Instruction to play:


Use the mouse to play this game