Fnaf: Afton's Nightmare

Fnaf: Afton's Nightmare is a scary game which is playable abcya for free. Explore your surroundings in this great game and try to survive till the end. Try to not get surprised by anything and watch for the CCTVs. Children are advised to play this game with parents. 

In the game at online abcya unblocked, you have to deal with the trouble and some light damage, you need to explore your surroundings in this great game and try to live to the end. I believe you'll survive and enjoy the game. When the darkness settles down, the Creatures crawl out of their hiding spots. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere, try to play the game in the evening with your headphones on. We believe that you’ll survive and actually enjoy the experience.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to look around

Press left mouse button to interact