Food Empire Inc

Food Empire Inc business strategy game on ABCya3, leading web game. Let's build your own food empire, starting from a small store, grow it into a big company. The HTML5 platform game is compatible with smartphones and desktop computers.

In this idle farming game, you may build a sky farm empire and become a high-tech millionaire. In the skies, you may grow lettuce, strawberries, melons, lavender, mint, carrots, tomatoes, and even GINSENG! THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED. Utilize the coins to improve your business. Hiring skilled managers to automate your work is a good idea. Construct new sky farms high in the sky. Earn money from your Food Empire while you sleep. Make investments to your sky farm enterprise firm and earn handsomely.

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Instruction to play:

Start farming by activating your lab employees. Next, use an elevator to bring the harvest to ground level. Finally, to make a profit, take the produce to your storehouse.