Before you is a chain of planets, from a very large planet to the smallest. In Spacegolf io you control a small spaceship. Your main task is to reach the smallest planet that is at the end of the chain. Each round lasts 80 seconds, so you must be in time to reach the planet. The less clicks you make, the more likely you will win.

Try not to fly out of the map otherwise you will start your flight from the first planet. The force of gravity will attract you to the nearest planet. Play the abcya game in full screen mode at, watch the video walkthrough. is a fun and unique io game abcya with awesome space based gameplay. You control a rocket ship and you have one mission – to land on a planet with as little strokes as possible (like the game of golf!). You must launch your rocket perfectly and guide it with precision to land on your targeted planet.

You must also pay attention to gravity of the planets and ensure you are not pulled in too soon. Also avoid hitting other player’s rocket ships and keep out of harms reach! For each successive planet you land on, you can then progress to the next one – be careful however as if you miss your target you are returned to the previous planet! Can you become a Space Golf champion?

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  • .Io space game that uses golfing technique
  • Pickable power-up to make your rocket ship bigger that can destroy others on touch
  • Randomly generated map with each new game
  • Earn coins as you win the match and use them to buy more rocket ship and trail models

Enjoy and share with your friends at abcya3 games online!

Instruction to play:

Drag left mouse button backwards to set power and direction, release to launch.