Puppet Killer

Are you looking for some fun game that you can de-stress and blow up some steam after a busy day? Have you heard of Puppet Killer online game from abcya games? It's one of the best clicker game with the inspiration from shooting games, killing games and ragdoll game, which makes the gameplay unique and special. Moreover, the players will find the graphics of the game incredible since the design is in 3D.

All that you have to do is to use all the weapons that you can to shoot at the ragdoll hanging in the middle of the screen. The doll will be the target so that you can pour out your stress and anger. Each of the weapons has its own time limit on usage and its own price. The money that you gain will be calculated based on the time that you tortured the doll. The longer you hit it, the more money you get. Later, you can use that money to go to the store and unlock the expensive weapons to hurt the ragdoll.

The ultimate goal of this game at http://abcya-3.com/ is to maximize the damage range until you have unlocked all the possible features. Choose for yourself among the machine guns, the rifles, the knives, and even a tank! Moreover, the clothes of the doll can be changed to suit your taste and preference. With some other games like Spidey Swing and Polar Force, you will have a fun and relaxed time for sure! 

Instruction to play:

choose the weapons using the left mouse.