Zombies Shooter Part 2

Are you afraid of zombies? Do not skip the Zombies Shooter Part 2 war and survive to the end of the journey. This game at abcya-3.com has attracted players of different ages. You will arrive in a new city full of zombies. New types of zombies roam the streets. Are you afraid of them? Use the shooting ability to kill all the zombies you see. The mutant firefighters spewed fire from their jaws. Extraordinary mutants throw stones. Zombie soccer players can attack with lightning speed. Free the city from hordes of new zombies.

Complete the mission and become the hero in this zombie war. Use a huge arsenal of weapons to kill zombies. Unlock different weapons and use the most proficient gun. Watch the slain enemies scatter to pieces. Zombies shot in the leg can crawl towards you. Be careful and watch to destroy them. Save a new city. Join to enjoy the moment of being the best player in the zombie shooting and killing game. Try to survive and go on many journeys to perfect the online gameplay that we introduce to players. Your friends also try to win these new journeys. Unlock all wars when you have time to spare. This version of zombie game part 2 has many differences from other zombie killing games. If you don't want to lose, fight bravely.

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Instruction to play:

How to play: Mouse - Look Around, WASD - Move, W + Shift - Run, spacebar - Jump, left mouse button - Shoot, right mouse button (Hold) - Aiming wheel, 1-7 - Weapon hotkeys, R - Reload, G - Throw grenade.