VILI .IO - is a new .io game at abcya online. In this game eat the different color dots and increase the RPM of your fidget spinner. Kill other players by colliding with them. Eat their mass and become no. 1 in the game.

Vili .io is another fun-addicting fidget spinner themed multiplayer online IO game. Enter a nickname, choose a skin and start spinning. Move through the screen collecting food to spin faster. For every piece of food you take, you will spin 1 RPM faster, and every 5 seconds you will spin 0,1 RPM slower, so don’t sleep or you’ll slowly stop spinning. Be careful with players with a higher RPM value, if they touch you, you’ll explode. So find slower spinning opponents to kill them and eat their rests.

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Have fun with Vili IO!

Instruction to play:

Use your left mouse to control the spider fidget in the game.