Lock Slide Fall Down

Find the direction of the blocks moving horizontally and fill the gaps in the game Lock Slide Fall Down. Create the latest migrations you have at https://abcya-3.com/. The rules of this game are extremely simple. Conquer the challenges of the game and get the highest score you have today. Be careful with new gaps. If they get higher and higher, the game can end at any time. Strategize your moves carefully. Move the block with the least amount possible and get all three stars. With each red block that slides through, you'll see your abilities improve little by little and find yourself in a healthy habit. Plan and observe all the blocks before you make a new choice.

The game has a friendly interface, easy to play, gentle graphics, and unique sound. Conquer the hardest challenges and share the game with friends. This game is a gift for many players to relax in their spare time. Try to complete the levels without being bothered by ads. Many players have won this game with high scores. Different empty floors appear one after another. Move the puzzle pieces to the empty position and complete the game with a high score. You can join the abcya3 game world with many different themes. Complete quests with the skills and tips you collect. We facilitate players to unlock the puzzle world.

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Who created Lock Slide Fall Down?

Lock Slide Fall Down is created by ozigames. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: Water Sort Puzzle Color Sorting Game

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button or tap directly on the screen to move blocks to the space.