Free Rally 2

Free Rally 2 is the fun driving experience game and sequel to Free Rally which is playable abcya Games for boys. This multiplayer game allows you to drive beautiful vehicles in a multiplayer environment where you can travel around the city and do as you please. There are nine different vehicles to choose from one being a buggy, and plenty of others including a helicopter, police car, sedan, and a supercar. 


In this games at abcya 3 player online, choose any favorite vehicle, there are already nine kinds. You will be allowed to even fly a helicopter in your own pleasure. In addition: buggies, motorcycles and police cars, on which you can make captures, catching up with the alleged criminals. A multiplayer game, with you on the road or on the streets of the city will be located and other online players. 


If you choose to be the police car then you can use the capture feature which allows you to begin pursuits of other vehicles and pull them over like an officer of the law. Compete with them in the ability to quickly and deftly drive the vehicle that you have chosen.


If you are confident of your skills, try out this game and some more games with the same theme at All the games such as Crazy Stunt Cars Multiplayer are available for free!

Instruction to play:


Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive

Space to use the handbrake

The mouse to lock cursor

F, right mouse to fire on helicopter, buggy and Sofy

V to seek rocket on helicopter, buggy and Sofy

E to enable/disable police alert on moto police

F to stop car on moto police

Shift to use nitro on moto

R to signal

G to let the vehicle go up

l to use the light on the car

l to start/stop engine on the helicopter

C to change camera view

Esc to return to the menu