Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Are you looking for an innovative driving simulation game? You will love Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim that ABCya3 games update for players around the world. Learn how to be a firefighter driving around a crowded city. Violent criminals can attack you at any time. Be careful throughout the journey to join the game with different skills and tips. Drive your fire truck, put out fires, and save people from burning buildings. Whenever there is an emergency in the city, and the fire is taking lives.

The rescue department has assigned you the task of preventing casualties. Train to be a good lifeguard. You will drive your flying fire truck to roam around the city. The game has vivid graphics with realistic situations that players can easily explore, participate in and choose to complete missions. You can move by flying. This becomes a special feature of the game compared to other online games. You need a certain amount of time to learn how to join the version of the game that we recommend. Enjoy the winning moments of each online mission.

Do you love the list of games we recommend? Who has a chance to be a good player today? Share your gaming skills at ABCya3 car games. Learn different lessons with meaningful deeds that you have never accomplished in real life. Take your time choosing your favorite game theme and go on quests online through the new world you choose today. We recommend players a variety of driving games like Asphalt Retro. Take control of your skills and cross all the roads.

Who developer game?

Driving games developed this game. Play their other game on Extreme Drift Car Simulator

Instruction to play:

WASD to move, Z to spray water, Y to accept the quest, Q to fly or land, I to view instructions.