Racing Pic Pasting

Racing Pic Pasting has simple gameplay. Players can easily find the empty parts that match the required picture. Move and complete missions at each level. You will have 1 minute to complete and score in the ABCya3 puzzle game. In each level, you need to paste the missing photo. Drag the pieces from the panel below and drop them where they fit best. What is the highest score after you complete the pictures? This great game attracts many players to pass in their spare time. You have the opportunity to learn geometry and accelerate to complete tasks excellently.

We always create conditions for players to open the world of their favorite games without being bothered by any factors. Unlock and complete challenges if you are ready to choose the game. Beautiful images appear through each level. Players try to move the puzzle pieces into new positions before time runs out. This game opens a large game world for players at Complete the mission early to score high. You have a chance to join this game many times and show your best gaming skills.

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Who created Racing Pic Pasting?

Racing Pic Pasting is created by Lof Games. Play their other game on Hearts Popping

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to drag puzzle pieces and complete the picture.