Traffic Tour

If you are looking for a new version of the driving game, you can join Traffic Tour with unique ways to play. Speed ​​up and move through the lanes to get more points. Players are ready for driving games at Enter the modes and win with the highest score you will ever enter with our game space.

The game has a stunning design and high-quality graphics. Many players who are avid racing fans also love this new version of the game. Choose your best-racing cars and challenge other players in real-time multiplayer. The game features 100s of online missions and new ways to play so you're ready to beat your opponents. Enjoy car racing with your friends through the 1V1 game.

Are you ready to choose one of the modes: Multiplayer, Endless, Career, Time Trial, Free Run? Explore 5 realistic environments: Highway, City, Desert, Rain, and Snow during day or night time. You can unlock 40 different cars through the challenging journey. When driving over 100 km/h, try to overtake traffic cars to get bonus scores and cash. Use the tips to drive safely and complete the new game today.

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Key Features:

- Play unlimited car racing games

- No fuel or time limits

- Multiple ways to control: tilt, buttons, or steering wheel

- There are five ways to play: multiplayer, endless, career, time trial, and free run.

- The career mode has 100 missions

- 5 realistic settings: highway, city, desert, rain, snow, and day or night

- There are 40 different cars, and you can change their colors and wheels.

- Improve the speed, handling, and brakes of your car.

- Multiplayer racing, where you can race against friends and other players from all over the world.

Who developer game?

Traffic Tour was developed by Wolves Interactive. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

Controls game: W = forward, D = Right, L = Left, S = Shift, brake = Nitrous, ESC = Back.