Pop Jewels

Find the location with many gems of the same color and complete your game with the Pop Jewels online game world. ABCya 3th offers suggestions for you to participate in and complete this excellent game. Corresponding to each level, players have game options to join and complete without spending much time searching. Perform tasks and score points as required by each part of the game. When you collect more than 2 of the same gems, you can score points. The gems will disappear if there are no more moves. Win the game with the highest score. You can complete this unique game world without spending much time searching.

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Players have the opportunity to join the list of online games at ABCya3 puzzle games. The rewards appear in different locations. Click on them to destroy the jewels easily. Difficult missions constantly appear and you need to try for this journey. Join the list of online games that we recommend to players. A new journey is waiting for you in the next games. Get ready to choose from similar puzzle games to this game like Cookie Crush Christmas 2 and Dog Puzzle Story 2. Share the game with all players.

Who developer game?

SUN.STUDIO developed this game. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com:

Instruction to play:

Click on the position of the jewels with the same color.