Hero Telekinesis

Hero Telekinesis is a fun, super fantasy game on ABCya 3 games for kids. You are capable of telekinesis. Physical things may be influenced by mental effort. Objects may be attracted and thrown at adversaries. Destroy towers with arrows and utilize the shattered sections as throwing items. Toss explosive barrels into enemy crowds and watch as your opponents and their ammo disperse in all directions. Massive monsters are armored, adversaries with shields may deflect your strikes, and arrows are continuously fired at you. Use telekinesis to destroy them all!

 Start your journey and share your tips with other players.  Daily games for players around the world updated online.  Each game offers the player's world challenges that are hard to miss in participating process. Some similar games have been updated such as Brawl Warfire Online and Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming.


- Realistic physics of object contact - One-of-a-kind adversaries - Addicting gameplay - Beautiful visuals - Simple administration.

Instruction to play:

Right Mouse Button - Attract Left Mouse Button - Throw Mouse - Look around WASD - Movement Shift - Run.