Thief Puzzle Online

Will you get the desired item before the arrival of the police in Thief Puzzle Online? Become a good thief with this exciting version of the ABCya3 game online. Each player will have a new way to play to complete the challenge without spending time searching. Make a selection of the version of the game you want to join today. Who will become a good player? We help players complete new journeys without being bothered by game loading speed. With gameplay, players complete all options and unlock unexpected experiences. If you get caught by the police, the game is over.

Come up with plans to move through a new location to get things quickly. Every player is ready for a new version of the game today. Choose a great game that you want to participate in in your spare time. Who will become the best player at the top of the leaderboard? Don't wait for new options you can complete. Relax with fun ways to play that not all players find out. Share with your friends your favorite online game list and complete it after every stressful working hour.

We suggest players join the useful game world at Puzzle Games. You can unlock all missions with familiar skills through the game. Do not hesitate to unlock this unique game version. Countless players have completed challenges. What is the main target of the thief? Observe the objects in the room and the location of the policemen to make new choices that you can complete. Who will become a good player through game versions similar to Glass Puzzle? Learn every skill and finish your mission.

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Instruction to play:

Left-click to find a new special movement direction.