ShipCraft .io is a fun-addicting multiplayer online IO space battle game. If you want to learn more about other interesting Io games, check out Abcya Games.

When playing ShipCraft .io you will be Control a futuristic spaceship in a galaxy packed with enemies trying to own the most powerful ship. Collect orbs scattered all over the field and use them to build and upgrade cannons, engines and more parts to create a huge, unstoppable machine. Shoot other players before they get to eliminate you and find the perfect design for your ship. 

Upgrade your very own customized Space cruiser, collect resources, and blast the competition.
Space is only big enough for the fastest, most daring cosmic pirates. Do you have what it takes to conquer the galaxy? Let's experience the ShipCraft .io to enjoy now.

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Instruction to play:

Arrows / WASD = move

Mouse = aim / shoot