Tap Dunk Basketball

You need to save moves to throw the ball into the basket before the game time ends. Tap Dunk Basketball is one of the sports games for basketball game lovers. Explore the world of favorite games that we update for players at abcya-3.com. Perform turns so that the ball does not touch the ring. With just one touch, the ball always flies to a certain height toward the ring.

Tap multiple times to throw the ball higher. You will get used to ball control and physics over time. Spend a little time on the last throws. You only have a few seconds before completing the special game we introduced. The first swing in the series is worth 2 points, 2x is worth 3 points, and 3 is worth 4 points. Unlock different types of balls and try your luck through your online play. The game has beautiful graphics compared to the basketball game versions you have ever participated in.

With simple gameplay, you can conquer the game without any obstacles. Take time for the journey we present to you now. Good luck with this sport. What's different from the real-life game journey? Are you ready for new options? We keep players engaged in loads of new games every day. You can overcome difficult obstacles without taking as much time as in other games. ABCya3 sports game facilitates players to unlock new game space.

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Who developer game?

Tap Dunk Basketball was developed by do.Games. This is their first game on ABCy-3.com!

Instruction to play:

Left click continuously to move the ball until you throw the ball into the basket.