Goalkeeper Wiz

Goalkeeper Wiz

Date added: 17/11/2022

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You have a chance to become the best goalkeeper through Goalkeeper Wiz matches. Choose your favorite team and unlock all the new missions of ABCya3 online. The games are completely free. Put on your gloves and stand on the goal line. It's time to lead your team to the title of world champion. In each match, the opponent will have ten shots and your goal is to defend your goal. Don't miss your opponent's shots. For every three successful saves, your team will score a goal. Complete your playthrough and unlock all the matches of the tournament.

This soccer game helps you to learn soccer skills. Become a good player through tournaments with different turns. Share experiences with new friends. Our football games come in different versions. Choose a reasonable way to play and protect the goal against the opponent's attack. What is your favorite game list? Save this game with new move tips. We help players participate in online experiences and enjoy winning moments every day. Challenge the position of the best goalkeepers on the planet in the free color journey we introduce.

Do not hesitate to choose the right way to play the game at abcya-3.com. Let's explore the new world now. Each player has a different way of kicking the ball. Kick the ball into the goal and get a high score through the online game world we introduce. Lots of free games for you. Choose the right ways to play today. We help players enjoy online moments every day. You can participate in soccer games similar to this game like Crypto Head Ball.

Who developer game?

Goalkeeper Wiz was developed by Physical Form. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: Penalty Champs 22

Game controls:

Left click to block the ball into the goal before the players kick the ball.

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