is exciting and very addictive 2d game that you can play here on gy game free. You play as a fighter pilot and your first objective is to take out everyone else, remember its a free for all so everyone will probably try killing you at some point, why not get the first shot? Can you become the ace pilot in this dogfight for supremacy of the skies? 


You start your journey as pilot in a small plane. All other players start in the same position and has the same task that is to be on the top of leader board. Fly across the map and annihilate everyone who is in your sight, using 10 various types of weapon, that you can find on the map. Have fun with abcya online games for everyone!


Around the map are both glowing orbs and weapon crates, the orbs are collected to increase score and restore your health a small amount each, the weapon crates are self explanatory in that they give you a random weapon with limited use to use against your opponents. Bare in mind that these weapons will be several times stronger than the starting Gatling gun and can range from a missile launcher to a Tesla cannon, it really is a lucky dip of ways to destroy enemy planes!


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Instruction to play:


You can control your plane by using the mouse. If encountering enemy planes, use the spacebar or press on your left mouse to shoot.