Paint The Fence

Repair your fence when you join the online game Paint The Fence. The game can end at any time. Therefore, you need to move the paintbrush as quickly as possible. Join this game at Each player has tips and playing skills to overcome any challenge. After completing the fence color painting, you have different rewards. Select them and continue this work. This work needs to be completed before the deadline. Your coloring speed should be fast.

This game attracts the most demanding players to join and pass to relax after every hour of learning. Beware of all the obstacles. If you don't complete a level, you will die. Some drawings appear on the fence. When you color them, the game is over. Be careful with the requirements of each mission and complete this game today. We have made it easy for players to join and search for a variety of games of different themes. Favorite games have special gameplay. Use game tips you have and share them with other friends.

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Who created Paint The Fence?

Paint The Fence is created by IceStone. Play their other game on Bubble Tanks 3.

Instruction to play:

Game controls: Use the mouse to move your paintbrush, click and hold the mouse to draw with all tools. Use the 1-0 hotkeys on your keyboard to switch between paint colors in the game.