Squid Escape Bloody Revenge

Squid Escape Bloody Revenge is a fun, thrilling, arcade action game on ABCya 3. You are imprisoned in a prison. But not just any ordinary one. This one is located on Abandoned Island and is riddled with traps. Prisoners and guards are on their way to murder you. You must battle, kill, and solve riddles in order to survive. There are several lethal games to be found here. Play them, win, and go away! Best wishes!

This game also suits kids and anyone who loves to play something relax with no limitation. Besides this game, you can enjoy other choices on our site Hero 5 Katana Slice and Stick War: New Age are 2 great options for you.


Control the character's movement and assist him live, struggling to leave the facilities of these brutal games!!

Instruction to play:

Controls: W A S D to walk around ,Mouse to Look around ,Left Mouse Button to Fire ,Right Mouse Button to Aim ,Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons ,G for Grenades ,R to Reload ,F to Pickup Items ,Left Shift to Run ,Left CTRL to Crouch ,X to Prone ,V to Melee ,Space to Jump