Run Gun Robots

Join Run Gun Robots' professional shooting and running game. Don't jump out of the way. You have to jump from building to building to destroy the aggressive robots. ABCya3 suggests new games based on online players' preferences. In this 3D shooting game, you can join and defeat your enemies with new powers. Kill 4 different enemies with 10 levels from easy to hard. Turn on the sound to enjoy new and exciting things. Join this addictive game and complete new wars with the gameplay you can't miss.

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Share this fight with friends at Get ready to explore new ways to play until you choose the correct way to move through buildings. We work hard and recommend loads of games under your favorite game theme. Try to unlock the online game world and win. What is your favorite game list? Share how to play with the skills of running and shooting accurately with every opponent. It's time to complete this online battle.

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Who developer game?

Run Gun Robots was developed by Catom Games. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

Tap the screen to jump, X or SPACEBAR to shoot, and S to pass the platform.