Hero 5 Katana Slice

Hero 5 Katana Slice is a fun, entertaining game on ABCya 3. You assured your family that the conflict would end soon. However, the conflict has arrived at your home. A neighboring clan decided to increase their holdings and take over your town. You have no other option. Your family is in jeopardy. Take hold of your ancestor's katana. Defeat any foes who pose a threat to your family. Slash the corpses of opposing samurai. Cut off the heads of armored foes to crush them. Make a long-range throw against shuriken-wielding ninjas hiding on rooftops. Save your country!

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Instruction to play:

Left Mouse Button (Hold) - Katana Attack Right Mouse Button + Aim on Enemy - Throw on Target Mouse - Look around WASD - Movement Space (Hold) - Jump Shift - Run.