Color Gravity

Choose the way to change the color with the challenges that the Color Gravity game suggests to players at ABCya3 online. Your goal is to navigate in a colorful, ever-changing world by clicking to shift gravity and collecting your colors while avoiding different colored obstacles. The difficulty level of the levels will gradually increase in the next rounds. Take up the challenge with online game art and perfect the gameplay we recommend. You will love the new game missions and follow the instructions to complete them in your spare time.

Friends also look forward to participating and unlocking countless challenges. Look for the rule of color change until you complete the game. If you don't change the color correctly, the game is over. Rely on game suggestions and special ways to complete the game world we introduce today. You also need to pay attention to the time of the game. Create new game impressions and overcome countless challenges today.

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Who developer game?

Color Gravity was developed by XiferGames. Play their other game on

Instruction to play:

Left click to change the color to match the color of the obstacles