Welcome to the Timberman is an arcade-style casual game in ABCya 3 Games. Become a Timberman and cut wood while avoiding branches. Sounds like a simple process, right? It's simple to learn yet difficult to master. There are a dozen different landscapes and 104 lumberjacks to unlock. Master your abilities to get the highest rankings on the leaderboards. Take your axe and slash the tree as quickly as you can, just like any lumberjack!

We help players explore the new world and you're ready to update your favorite games list in your free time with lots of similar games with this game like Bridge of Doom. Will you overcome all the games in the best way?

Key Features:

Over 20 million players cannot be incorrect - ranked as one of the finest games since 2014 and still widely anticipated in 2022! Especially with a new update that includes dozens of new people, new landscapes, and a settlement that can be expanded! And, as usual, there was a lot of fun and trees to cut.

Who developer game?

Timberman was developed by Digital Melody S.A. This is their first game on ABCy-3.com!

Instruction to play:

Click / Tap on either side of the tree to chop.