Sokoban Puzzle

Fill your spare time with Sokoban Puzzle online at The wooden blocks are in different positions. The player must move them to the marked position on the screen. The number of wooden blocks and the difficulty level will increase gradually. Pass all the hardest levels that the game has updated.

This is a challenging puzzle game. Stack all boxes or crates to drop points. The rules are very simple. You can only walk or do push-ups. You cannot go through walls or boxes, and you cannot drag. Find a way to move before you decide to complete the mission. If you make a wrong move, try again on the next moves. This game appeals to the most demanding players to relax in their spare time. You are not bothered by ads during the game. Which level is the hardest for you? Save gameplay and share with friends.

The world ABCya 3 games is extremely large. Each theme contains thousands of new games. Choose your playstyle and skills to perfect each game. Share with your friends how to join our special game world. Bring out the many ways to play that you have discovered. Each player has a different gaming experience and an online game list. Complete each world you have experienced to come up with the best solution. Wooden blocks appear everywhere. Finish moving them to their final location on the construction site. Many players also love our new game content.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use WASD to move another wooden block to the final position.