Samurai Cat Spinner

Samurai Cat Spinner

Date added: 17/07/2017

Played: 2015

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The fidget spinner hype goes on with this fun Samurai Cat Spinner abcya3game. Spin the spinner as fast and as long as you can to earn tickets, which you can spend to complete the legendary Samurai Cat. The more you spin it, the more you will multiply you earnings, so don't spot and get all tickets. 

Relieve your stress by spinning this red fidget spinner. Keep spinning until the timer runs out. You will receive tickets based on the number of spins you make. For each new batch, the tickets you receive is multiplied. Use the tickets to buy various parts of the samurai cat. The tickets you need to buy the next part increases, so you need to spin more and more to earn enough tickets.

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Game controls:

Use left and right arrow or move your mouse to spin the fidget spinner.

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