Survive The Glass Bridge

Survive The Glass Bridge is a game produced by the ABCya3 team in which your aim is to cross the bridge by selecting the appropriate glasses. Because one of the two glasses on the platform is made of thin glass, it cannot withstand the weight.

This is what will cause you to tumble. You must observe carefully to find the difference between these two glasses. If necessary, you can change the ability to understand the difference between the two glasses by selecting the difficulty level from the main menu. In addition, if the opponent does not reach the opponent within the specified time, the game is over.

This game is sure to entertain you and help you learn a lot. Check this out and it is related to learning doesn’t mean it is boring. Have fun and enjoy other choices of games such as Round 6: The Game and Super Tankers. All available on

Instruction to play:

Character movement: W,A,S,D or Arrow keys, Jump : Space, Move the mouse to see the surroundings.