OCD Dreambot

OCD Dreambot is one of the popular games at Abcya-3.com. Be the robot that closes the door and completes the many challenges of the game before the power runs out. Pass 10 difficulty levels of this game. Don't let our main character oversleep and have nightmares. Toggling the switch will use up precious battery power. Try to do as much as you can in the dark to get the highest score. Go through open doors to close and closed doors to open them. Close all the doors to open the exit and take you to the next level.

Can you find an efficient way to move each journey? Learn the game tips of other players and complete the game mission excellently. With new players, they have the opportunity to take the first turns and come up with the best solution. Who will become the best player? Share our winning game in your spare time. Explore the robot journey you want to perfect. What lessons have you learned from this online game journey? Choose the most reasonable way to play now.

ABCya 3 adventure game has many new games of different themes. Spend your free time learning the lessons the game requires. When the robot is almost out of battery, you need to find a way to help it. Players have different tasks at each level. Try to win the difficulty levels to top the player leaderboard today. Use your online gaming skills to complete the new game we updated today. The list of online games appears with many games similar to Paint The Fence. What is the hardest task you have overcome?

Who created OCD Dreambot?

OCD Dreambot is created by Podge Games. Play their other game on ABCy-3.com: Steam Rocket

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use WASD or Cursor Keys to control OCD Bot.