Little Monkey Rescue

Little Monkey Rescue is an exciting point and click animal rescue escape game that you canb play here on abcya wonderful games for free. We need to search the entire forest in-order to find that missing monkey before it’s gone forever. Escape players, care to try this game and see if you can find and rescue a monkey in the wilderness? Good luck then, don’t forget to have lots of fun as well.

You have been looking for that missing monkey from the zoo now, and as a park ranger, it is your job to retrieve a missing animal in-case it escapes or gets stolen. You’ve already went through a ton of complexes in the zoo and through hundreds of doors there and still, you couldn’t find anything. Okay, there’s only one place you can search now, but it ain’t gonna be easy.

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Instruction to play:


Find the clues around the house by using the mouse on the keyboard.