Leap Parking

Have fun with this exclusive new game Leap Parking an entertaining game in ABCya 3th. Hello, my friend this is a fun parking game in which you control the force and direction of the car to park it in a set area. Of course, don't forget to collect yellow stars, which may bring you more gold revenue, improve your cars, and make it easier to go through the game stages. If you can complete all of the stages with three stars, this game may be for you. My friend, give it a go.

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Who created Leap Parking?

Leap Parking is created by Nanjing maileyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. This is their first game on ABCy-3.com!

Instruction to play:

Operation mode:

1. Tap the screen to choose a direction.

2. The force is shown by the distance between the mouse pointer and the automobile. The higher the force, the greater the distance.

3. After releasing the mouse, the automobile will proceed in the direction and force you specify.

4. We will win if we can control the automobile to halt at the stated location.