Ball Giant Rush

As you collect balls of the same color, you will grow bigger and win the Ball Giant Rush at ABCya3 online. Slide the screen to control the ball to collect balls of the same color to get as big as possible. Try to avoid colliding with balls of different colors, it will make you smaller until you fail. Learn to travel the distance with the right choices for the journey you have today.

We help players join and discover a new list of online games. You will be ready to choose your favorite game to participate in today. Move the ball to the position of the same color until you complete the selections. The game has many difficult levels. Can you control the ball to the correct position? After going through the color space, the ball will change to a new color. Therefore, you must collect and reposition the colored balls to accommodate this change. Learn new skills to win the game with a high score. Collect many balls to grow bigger and overcome all obstacles with balls of different colors.

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Who developer game?

Ball Giant Rush was developed by Play their other game on Get Lucky

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to scroll through left or right.