Cycle Extreme

Have fun with this exclusive new game Cycle Extreme a arcade game in Abcya grande 3 games. Participate in a downhill mountain bike race. You are in charge of a bicycle that is hurtling down from the mountains. Be cautious - the path ahead is incredibly steep, and there are various obstructions and dangerous holes. Be cautious and complete each of the 20 levels as quickly as possible to get three stars! 1.0.16

By joining the drive at, you can enhance your driving skills, balancing techniques and the guts to take up new terrains. More extreme trials and challenges are put into this game to make it more challenging for the bike lovers. There are more bike games updated daily such as Speed Moto Racing that you can enjoy for free!


- 20 stages of quick downhill

- Mobile-friendly

- Free-ride mountain biking action

Who created Cycle Extreme?

Cycle Extreme is created by IriySoft. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:


Up or W - speed up Down or S - break Left or A - lean left Right or D - lean right.