Tomb Of The Mask Neon

ABCya 3 suggests Tomb Of The Mask Neon for players to move and avoid hitting obstacles during the journey. Collect rewards without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. This is a new game where players have to go through different levels of mazes, dodging obstacles created with mazes full of life-or-death traps and enemies. The stars and points appeared everywhere. Collect them while avoiding colliding with traps to win this new game. To control our little tomb, you need to slide your finger across the screen in the desired way until it collides with an obstacle.

Can you reach the destination safely? Share your gaming skills with your friends so they can win this game too. Thanks to the masks that open when you complete the mission, you will receive different superpowers. Avoid spikes, traps, and neon enemies on your way to the secret tomb mask. Players can move quickly to complete levels in the mazes. Players have the opportunity to unlock new missions and explore many special mazes with the new game we introduce. You have never played a game similar to this one. It has the most special way of moving.

This exciting game content attracts any player to join at Difficult mazes do not hinder your travel distance. Update the list of the latest online games now. Countless players have unlocked difficult games and won every journey. You will love to enjoy the exciting challenges of every journey.

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Instruction to play:

How to play: Move with arrow keys or tap directly on the phone screen