Noob vs Pro Challenge

Play it for free at ABCya 3th games online and enjoy many other online games. Noob vs Pro Challenge is a shooting game in which you wake up in the morning to find a zombie apocalypse around you and you are a noob. This is a significant task! What's the harm? The goal will be to use various traps to save the Noob and Princess while also troll-ing the wicked Herobrine. Are you prepared to navigate the maze and descend into the dungeon, where you will locate a secret door and save the dragon, on whose back you will soar to a desert island and then plan a jailbreak? 

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- Level up the character Noob vs. Pro to gain unique powers.

- Enjoyable cartoons featuring your favorite monster school characters. A pixel-weapons arsenal

- Each boss has From the nasty Herobrine to the zombie cleaner to the mummy and the toilet monster, there's something for everyone.

- Create goods for Pro in the workshop, and create traps for Noob.

Who created Noob vs Pro Challenge?

It is created by mango_x2. This is their first game on!

Instruction to play:

Pass the minor tests at the levels. Use the hero's weapons and abilities to kill zombies. When you slay creatures, your hero's level rises and new powers become available. Walk (using the joystick or the WASD keyboard) and utilize the ability (press 1 or 2 or 3 on the keyboard or just click on the ability icon).