BattleBoats IO is a 10 vs.10 multiplayer action game which is playable abcya games 2 player. You will seamlessly jump into a game and join either “Team Red” or “Team Blue”. Collect bombs to blow up other boats. Collect the crates to level your boat. When you reach a certain level, your boat will be equipped with a steep cannon. Refill ammunition, picking them up in the ocean. Enjoy!


To be successful, you should also have two more things in mind. First, as long as the battle lasts, you may be able to respawn after your ship got destroyed. Every respawn will cost you 5 levels. 


Second, avoid energy barriers turning on, as well as turrets aiming at you, because they will heavily damage your ship. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the bridge!!


In HQ Destruction at abcya new games, the goal is to destroy the enemy HQ by moving the own big sea mine towards the enemy base. To achieve this goal, you not only have to destroy enemy ships by using your canons or torpedoes, but also by collecting different kind of chest that are floating on the surface. In Team Deathmatch the goal is to destroy more enemy ships within a certain timeframe than the opposing team.


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Instruction to play:


Use Arrow keys to move and rotate your boat. 

Space bar to open fire directions. 

Q & E to use the bombs. 

Left Mouse click to move freely or shoot enemies.